Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) Presented Data on DC-Vax Trial


Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) shares were down 9.87% to $0.630 and an additional 6.71% to $0.588 in after-hours trading. Share prices have been trading in a 52-week range of $0.37 to $7.70. The company has a market cap of $85.14 million at 113.74 million shares outstanding.

Northwest Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology company that is focused on developing immunotherapy products to treat cancer. One of the product lines, DCVax-L, is designed to cover all solid tumor cancers in which the tumors can be surgically removed. This is in an ongoing Phase III trial for diagnosed Glioblastome multiforme (GBM), with over 60 trial sites. Another product line, DCVax-Direct, is designed for all solid tumor cancers. This is being studied in a 60-patient Phase I/II trial for all types of inoperable solid tumors.

In the 5th Annual SMi Cancer Vaccines Conference in London, England, Northwest Biotherapeutics’ CTO Dr. Marnix Bosch presented an updated and more detailed analysis of the Phase I of DCVax-Direct trial. This particular trial treated patients with multiple inoperable metastatic tumors who had failed existing treatment regimens in as many as five or six different prior types of treatments, and had generally quite poor life expectancies when they entered the DCVax-Direct Trial. 

In the presentation it was noted that the top 20% of these patients have so far exceeded 2 years of survival and are still alive. In addition, the top 30% of these patients as a combined group have an average survival to date of 26.7 months, compared with an average of expected survival times of 12.3 months.

These trials comprised 40 patients, with 39 evaluable, and covered more than a dozen diverse types of solid tumor cancers. These cancers are said to be responsible for approximately 800,000 new cases annually in the US and also at least 800,000 new cases in Europe as there are no effective treatments to date once these cancers reach the inoperable stage.

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