Our Team

We’ve put together an industry leading team of analysts at Small Cap Exclusive. Get to know them better here…


Edward Tarpin likes fishing, beer and small caps with healthy balance sheets. He can usually be found somewhere in between a 10Q and a 10K, and is the go to guy for risk management driven portfolio construction.

Email: eddie@smallcapexclusive.com

Richard Schwarz is a veteran analyst in the small cap space, with a particular focus on the development stage biotech sector. He is a native of Canada, and attended NYU before working for a host of big name pharma outfits.

Email: richard@smallcapexclusive.com

Mary Holland is a graduate of the London School of Economics, and holds a BSc in Corporate Finance. She worked as an accountant at a top five law firm in London for 15 years before quitting the legal space to manage her own portfolio. She is published in a number of top print publications, and specialises in emerging miners.

Email: mary@smallcapexclusive.com

James Peters has spent the last decade constructing algorithms designed to identify small cap opportunities with a favourable risk profile. He was educated in Paris, France, and now lives with his wife and two children in Manhattan.

Email: james@smallcapexclusive.com

Jack Delahunty


Jack is a native Brit, but that’s where the affiliation ends. Raised in Ohio, Jack studied English Literature and History at Ohio State University. He works as an independent research analyst with a biotech specialty, and manages a compact, junior biotech fund – ultra long, low risk (where possible), medium to long focus.

Email: jack@smallcapexclusive.com